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What we offer

  • Transport

    We offer 2 options of transport, UPS and Air Cargo. You are free to choose and ask which one would be your best option depending in where is your location.

  • Communication

    You can call or mail us in 5 languages (EN, SP,PL,FR,RU), we will answer all your questions and needs about our products

  • Payment

    The Payment is made to a bank account, we offer here just a Pre-order that will be answer in a maximum of 2 days with the shipping cost and the total in a proforma.

about us

Flyboard Europe is one the biggest distributors for Zapata-Racing products around the world. We strive to provide “The Ultimate Experience” for our customers with new and amazing water jet technology. Flyboard Europe was founded in February 2012 and has been pioneering the new industry one day at a time. The founder have been in the industry ever since the product was released in 2012, establishing as one of the first Flyboard Rental/Dealership Companies in Europe.

One of our greaters policies is try give an experience that provides excitement and happiness to our clients. For us there is nothing better than seeing one of our customers with the biggest smile after they have successfully learned or buy a Zapata-Racing Product. When you fly with us, you are getting the full experience while our professional and friendly instructors ensure your experience is unforgettable.